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Ever wondered if there is real hope for the future? Will this world ever find peace? Will the current world Empires, as we know them, survive? Discover answers for these and many more questions. The Last Empire commences in Sunshine West on the 6th August. Register for your FREE ticket NOW.



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Johnny Murison

Johnny Murison is a keen student of prophetic history and current world events. He is a presenter on the award winning documentary “Beyond the Search.” As speaker-presenter for this series Johnny will reveal in-depth amazing facts and insights directly in line with ancient and modern history. Using the Scriptures as their own interpreter you will be amazed how Johnny will unfold each prophetic prediction recorded with remarkable accuracy. He will present exciting details about current global events and of every major Empire down through the ancient worlds. You will discover that prophecy offers hope and insight for the future.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join and be part of the Last Empire Bible program.


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Tuesday August 9 - 7:30 pm
The Last Empire


An ancient prophecy of the Scriptures reveals a remarkable 100% accurate prophetic insight that clearly outlines each successive Empire from ancient Babylon (600 BC) right down to today. Boldly this remarkable prophecy also reveals the very last Empire to exist here on planet Earth. Learn how history proves this ancient prophecy in all its detail.

You will be truly amazed how this ancient prophecy will affect each one of us as planet Earth prepares for the revelation of the final Empire.

Wednesday August 10 - 7:30pm
The Empire Melts Down

The world media and the record of history reveal sign after sign of current and future global pressures on all fronts. We are witnessing environmental, social, financial, political, and even moral systems spiral into global meltdown. With astounding clarity the ancient Scriptures predict these very same outcomes for the close of this world as we know it.

Are you prepared for this series of closing events as we count down the final moments of the Last Empire? Learn how the supernatural powers behind the scenes expose their role in these final events. Is there hope? Are there answers?

Thursday August 11 - 7:30pm
Mystery King of the Empire

The ancient Dead Sea scrolls take us back through time revealing the remarkable mystery King of the Final Empire of planet Earth. This same King is also revealed accurately through the ancient prophecies of Scripture. An end-time King for the Last Empire, a new era, and an ongoing freedom never experienced before.

While on the surface it may seem like a fantasy, the evidence is incredibly compelling that this world is about to be transformed forever. You will be amazed as the mystery unfolds. Don’t miss this powerful presentation.


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Venue: Rydges Esplanade Resort
209-217 Abbott Street
If you have questions, please call 0402 805 821
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